Thermo Scientific D502118 Cartridge DI+

  • — Product no longer available — Thermo Scientific recommends suggested replacement


  • Remove calcium, magnesium and other ionic impurities that can harm steam sterilizers with the Thermo Scientific Harvey DI+ Cartridge System.
  • This turn-key system ships complete with a remote dispenser, Pura-Lite indicator and a high capacity, two-bed ion exchange cartridge.
  • It is quick to set up, easy to use and requires only simple maintenance.
  • Easily install the system with wall mount and eliminate the need to store containers of distilled water.
  • The system accepts a broad range of other cartridges to remove impurities and produces pure water at a flow rater of 4L/min.


  • Quick-fitting connectors hook directly to faucet—no power required.
  • Nuclear-grade resin is enclosed in a virgin polypropylene canister to purify tap water.
  • Based on average tap water (171ppm), per-gallon cost is 23 cents.
  • Simple maintenance: quarter-turn quick-release canister is easy to replace.
  • Pura-lite notifies when it is time for a new cartridge.


Product Size Each
Flow Rate 4L/min
Description Harvey DI+ Replacement Cartridge


Model Replacement Description
D502118 D0803 Harvey DI+ Replacement Cartridge
AY1273X4 Harvey DI+, Dispenser, Pura-lite and cartridge


Thermo Scientific Harvey DI+ Cartridge Systems Product Brochure

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