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Extraordinary Inflation Price Increase

In 2021, we have continued to see instability surrounding domestic and international political and financial markets, resulting in supply shortages of raw materials and associated price increases from our suppliers. Additionally, we face increases in sterilization costs and freight costs, and a lack of select parts. Combined with various other economic factors and market dynamics, these cost increases can create a challenging business environment for our customers and us. While we continuously work to improve efficiencies to reduce costs and have attempted to keep existing pricing in place for our customers, we can no longer absorb the financial impact of the astronomical price increases we are experiencing. We must therefore increase our pricing accordingly effective November 1st, 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Solution

Compatible storage for Pfizer™ Covid 19 Vaccine

No need to hassle with the unpredictability of dry ice.

Our Thermo Revco CXF Ultra-Low 3-cu ft Chest Freezer is mobile and perfect for vaccination centers.

  • — -50°C to -80°C operating range–suitable for the Pfizer vaccine.
  • — Holds up to 37,440 doses of Pfizer vaccine (32 boxes with 195 vials each).
  • — Small footprint–takes up to less than 6 sq ft of floor space.
  • — Mobile–can be easily rolled into place on heavy duty casters.
  • — Chest style. Efficient, maintains temperature even with multiple door openings.
  • — Runs off of standard 115 V 60 Hz electrical.
  • — Ships within 5 business days from Marietta, Ohio.
  • View Product ULT390-10-A