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  • Water Purification
  • As of Tuesday, October 22rd, Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems, and Consumable have been temporarily placed on hold. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) have classified most of our products as “pesticide device." Rest assured, the actions required to meet the regulatory compliance obligations under FIFRA are related to documentation and registration and do not affect the performance, safety or reliability of the products. We look to have all the necessary actions completed in 4–6 weeks. Please accept our sincere apologies for the product shipment delay and any inconvenience this may cause you.

  • Cold Storage

    Cold Storage (480)

    Our proven cold storage and sample preparation solutions offer sample protection for a wide array of sample types and an even larger range of storage conditions—from 4°C high-performance laboratory refrigerators to –196°C cryogenic freezers. Discover why researchers worldwide protect more than 2 billion samples with Thermo Scientific cold storage equipment and consumables. Document
  • Environmental Chambers

    Environmental Chambers (14)

    Ideal for drug stability studies, shelf life testing for packaged products, and insect and other large-scale biological research, our Thermo Environmental Chambers provide a stable environment for controlled temperature storage. Their rugged construction and durable shelving for long life will create the perfect fit for your applications. ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBERS Document
  • Furnaces

    Furnaces (151)

    Designed with safety in mind, Thermo Scientific Furnaces offer temperature ranges from 1100°C to 1700°C, temperature control options to meet your application needs, as well as features that help you perform the most critical, to everyday applications. Document
  • Incubators

    Incubators (157)

    More scientists worldwide trust the optimize performance of Thermo Scientific Incubators than any other brand. They depend on proven reliability, outstanding contamination prevention, and optimal growing conditions—and we deliver. Document
  • Ovens

    Ovens (143)

    Performing high-temperature quality tests in manufacturing, Thermo Scientific Heating Equipment helps deliver consistent results with products you’ve depended on for over 25 years. Document