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Cold Storage1.13 to 78.8 cu. ft.Chromatography Refrigerators, Enzyme Freezers, Explosion-Proof Freezers & Refrigerators, Flammable Material Freezers & Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezers & Refrigerators, Plasma Freezers, Ultra-Low Freezers
Environmental Chambers11 • 29 cu. ft.Environmental Chambers
Furnaces0.04 to 2 cu. ft.Box Furnaces, Tube Furnaces
Incubators0.65 to 30 cu. ft.CO2 Incubators, Microbiological Incubators, Plant Growth Incubators
Ovens0.44 to 27.33 cu. ft.Heating & Drying Ovens, Hybridization Ovens, Vacuum Ovens