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Our Thermo Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed to meet strict AABB, Red Cross, and FDA requirements for storing whole blood and blood components for a variety of applications. They feature positive airflow systems, microprocessor control systems, and industrial-quality cabinet construction.

  • Thermo Scientific Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators
    Thermo Scientific Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators
    • ModelReplacementDoor StyleCapacityPlug TypeElectrical
      REB404A Single, Solid4.9 cu. ft., 139LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
      REB404D Single, Solid4.9 cu. ft., 139LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
      REB1204ATSX1204BASingle, Glass11.5 cu. ft., 326LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
      REB1204DTSX1204BDSingle, Glass11.5 cu. ft., 326LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
      REB2304ATSX2304BASingle, Glass23.3 cu. ft., 659LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
      REB2304DTSX2304BDSingle, Glass23.3 cu. ft., 659LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
      REB3004ATSX3004BASingle, Glass29.2 cu. ft., 826LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
      REB3004DTSX3004BDSingle, Glass29.2 cu. ft., 826LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
      REB5004ATSX5004BADouble, Glass51.1 cu. ft., 1447LNEMA 5-20P115V 60Hz
      REB5004DTSX5004BDDouble, Glass51.1 cu. ft., 1447LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz


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