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Thermo Scientific Hybridization Ovens are specifically designed for safe stacking, conserving space in the lab, and excellent uniformity is ideal for molecular biology labs.

  • Thermo Scientific Shake ‘n’ Stack Hybridization Ovens
    Thermo Scientific Shake 'n' Stack Hybridization Ovens
    • ModelDisplayIncludesCapacityElectrical
      6243LEDStandard10 Medium Bottles110V
      6242LEDStandard10 Medium Bottles220V
      6241LEDStandard with Shaker Platform10 Medium Bottles110V
      aka 6240TSThis product has more than one valid catalog number.
      LEDStandard with Shaker Platform10 Medium Bottles220V


Thermo Scientific Shake n Stack Hybridization Ovens Product Brochure