Thermo Scientific 3975 Precision Incubator 30-cu ft | 850L

  • 120 volts, 60 hertz — Product is obsolete — Thermo Scientific has depleted all of its stock inventory


  • Conduct applications that require temperatures ranging from -10° to +60°C with Thermo Scientific Precision Low Temperature BOD Refrigerated Incubators, available in 2 sizes and ideal for biochemical oxygen demand testing, bacterial research, seed germination, fish/insect breeding and much more.
  • Features an efficient, dependable design with microprocessor controls and forced air circulation.

Temperature Uniformity

  • Microprocessor control with easy-to-read display shows actual temperature within 0.1°C.
  • Push-button controls for temperature set point selection.
  • Forced-air circulation delivers excellent temperature stability.
  • CFC-free, foamed polyurethane insulation prevents heat loss.
  • RTD temperature probe and protected set point mode prevent accidental temperature change.
  • Door key lock protects samples from unauthorized access.

Efficient Design

  • Easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant construction.
  • Compressor relay conserves energy.

173L (6.1 cu. ft.) Unit

  • Economical undercounter design.
  • High/low safety thermostat backups.
  • Three cooling modes simplify operation: high precision with cooling; high precision without cooling; and frost-free with variable cooling.
  • Four adjustable leveling feet for stable setup.
  • 2A outlet easily supports apparatus inside the unit.

566L (20 cu. ft.) Unit

  • Ideal for BOD applications and temperature settings at or below ambient.
  • Holds over 300 BOD bottles (300mL).
  • Temperature set point selection with high- and low-temperature protection and simple calibration.
  • Available with dual lamp fluorescent lighting for plant growth studies and day/night cycles, programmable lighting conditions.
  • Safety relay and alarm LED alert to over/undertemperature conditions.
  • Access port for independent sensors/connection of equipment inside unit.
  • Cooling switch provides high temperature accuracy and saves energy at temperatures above ambient.
  • RS-232 and recorder jacks for datalogging.
  • Plant growth models available: PR505755L and PR505750L–with Dual-lamp fluorescent lighting and programmable temperature and light cycles.

849.5L (30.0 cu. ft.) Unit

  • Large volume for applications above ambient.
  • Temperature range: 5° to 70°C.
  • Hydraulic thermostat with analog temperature control.
  • Choice of solid door or glass door for viewing of samples; no door lock.
  • Easy-to-clean, corrosion- and chemical-resistant aluminum chamber.
  • Requires hardwire installation by qualified electrician.


  • 2 year warranty.


Product Size Each
Temperature Range (Metric) 5° to 70°C
Capacity (English) 30.0 cu. ft.
Capacity (Metric) 849.5L
Height (English) Exterior 93.5 in.
Height (Metric) Exterior 237.5cm
Voltage 120V
Hertz 60Hz
Amperage 17.9A
Door Style Solid
Insulation CFC-free, foamed polyurethane
Capacity 30.0 cu. ft., 849.5L
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior 31.5 x 36 x 93.5 in. (80 x 91.4 x 237.5cm)
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 30 x 30 x 72 in. (76.2 x 76.2 x 182.9cm)
Electrical Requirements 120V 60Hz 17.9A


Model Capacity Temperature Range Door Style Electrical
PR205745R 6.1 cu. ft., 173L -10° to +60°C Solid 115V 60Hz 9.5A NEMA 5-15 plug
PR505755R 20.0 cu. ft., 566L -10° to +50°C Solid 120V 60Hz 6.2A Nema 5-15P
PR505750R 20.0 cu. ft., 566L -10° to +50°C Solid 230V 50/60Hz 3.1A Nema 6-15P
3975 30.0 cu. ft., 849.5L 5° to 70°C Solid 120V 60Hz 17.9A
3977 30.0 cu. ft., 849.5L 5° to 70°C Glass 120V 60Hz 17.9A


Thermo Scientific Precision Low Temperature BOD Refrigerated Incubators Product Brochure

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