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Ideally suited for routine applications in pharmaceutical, medical, food and
research laboratories, with sample safety in mind.

Product Selection

ModelSeriesVolume ChamberElectrical
51028063IGS602.6 cu. ft., 75L120V 60Hz
51028130IGS602.6 cu. ft., 75L230V 50/60Hz
51028064IGS1004 cu. ft., 117L120V 60Hz
51028131IGS1004 cu. ft., 117L230V 50/60Hz
51028065IGS1806.9 cu. ft., 194L120V 60Hz
51028132IGS1806.9 cu. ft., 194L230V 50/60Hz
51029321IGS40014.3 cu. ft., 405L120V 60Hz
51029322IGS40014.3 cu. ft., 405L230V 50/60Hz
51029333IGS75026.4 cu. ft, 747L120V 60Hz
51029334IGS75026.4 cu. ft, 747L230V 50/60Hz


Key Features

  • Gravity convection provides gentle air flow and minimal drying out.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel chamber (AISI 430).
  • Intuitive user interface for setting temperature.
  • Large, easy to read vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Exceptionally small footprint.

Temperature Security

  • Temperature range from ambient 5° to 75°C.
  • Internal glass door allows sample viewing without impacting temperature.


  • 2 year warranty.


Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Microbiological Incubators Product Brochure