Thermo Scientific FL583X4 Filter B-Pure Pre


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  • Pre-treat your feed water with Thermo Scientific Barnstead 1/2 Size B-Pure Filters.
  • In addition to pre-treating feed water, the filters can act as a final filter to ensure consistently pure water.
  • Compatible with B-Pure 1/2 size filter holders, these filters are available in varying pore sizes to meet all of your pre-filtration needs.


  • Large surface area for long life.
  • Flow rates of up to 2L/min.


Product Size Each
For Use With 1/2 Size B-Pure Filter Holders
Flow Rate Up to 2L/min
Description 1µm Pre-filter for 1/2 Size B-Pure Filter Holder
Diameter (English) 2.5 in.
Diameter (Metric) 6.5cm
Length (English) 10 in.
Length (Metric) 25.4cm
Pore Size 1µm


Model Holder Pore Size Filter
FL583X6 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 0.2 µm Final
FL583X5 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 0.45 µm Final
FL583X4 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 1 µm Pre
FL583X1 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 5 µm Pre
FL583X2 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 10 µm Pre
FL583X3 1/2 size B-Pure Filter 15 µm Pre
18011 Economy Filter 10 µm Pre
18018 Economy Filter 15 µm Pre


Thermo Scientific Barnstead 1/2 Size B-Pure Filters Product Brochure

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