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PRODUCT ON HOLDAnnouncement #20190706-CT (Part Obsolescence)As of Sept 17, 2019, the controllers for all Lindberg Blue/M furnaces & ovens have been made obsolete by the manufacturer. Thermo Fisher Scientific engineers and commercial managers are now working diligently to source a new controller for their Lindberg Blue/M furnaces. The manufacturer suggests the plan ship date be the end of March 2020. This plan ship date can rapidly change to an earlier time if sourced earlier than expected. Please report back here to obtain developments/progress information.Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific BF51542C Lindberg/Blue M Furnace 23L | 0.8-cu ft

Not Available

  • 208/240 volts, 50/60 hertz — Please take note that this product has been temporarily placed on PRODUCT HOLD by Thermo Scientific.


  • Rapidly heat, recover and cool with the outstanding temperature uniformity of Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Heavy-Duty 1200°C Box Furnaces, featuring a unique internal construction and outer shell design that reduces external surface temperatures without compromising interior temperature uniformity.
  • Furnaces feature individual heating elements at chamber top, bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution.
  • Unique Thermo Scientific Moldatherm ceramic fiber insulation allows rapid heating, recovery and cooling rates.
  • Not available in Europe.


  • Swing-down door provides convenient loading platform.
  • Helically coiled, high-temperature alloy wire elements for extended service life.
  • High-temperature insulation in vestibule and floating plug door to minimize heat loss and improve temperature control.
  • Spring-loaded door holds door securely shut; door rests in horizontal position when open.
  • Sight glass for convenient observation of heated load during operation.
  • Refractory plate heating unit.
  • Long-life Platinel II thermocouple with 10' compensated lead wire and polarized plug.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty Inconel hearthplate supports load and protects the furnace from damage due to spillage (Model BF51542C).

1200°C Digital, Single Setpoint Controller

  • Control console is fully wired and includes advanced microprocessor-based digital control, a solid-state power module, ON/OFF circuit breaker and thermocouple input jack.
  • Includes microprocessor-based PID control (proportional, integral, derivative), single segment, single setpoint, one ramp to setpoint.
  • Built-in adjustable high limit overtemperature protection.
  • Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint.
  • Can be configured to display temperature in either °C or °F.

Ordering Information

  • Choice of controllers available, including 1200°C digital single-program/multiple-segment programmable controller and overtemperature control.


  • Independent control console CC58114C.

Compatible with

  • Controllers (CC58114C, CC58114PBC, CC58114PC, CC58114BC).


Product SizeEach
Capacity (Metric)23L
Capacity0.81 cu.ft., 23L
Capacity (English)0.81 cu.ft.
Depth (English) Interior14.5 in.
Depth (Metric) Interior36.8cm
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior14.5 x 10.5 x 9.5 in. (36.8 x 26.7 x 24.1cm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior31 x 28 x 28.5 in. (78.7 x 71.1 x 72.4cm)
Height (English) Exterior28.5 in.
Height (English) Interior9.5 in.
Height (Metric) Interior24.1cm
Height (Metric) Exterior72.4cm
Length (English) Exterior31 in.
Length (Metric) Exterior78.7
Power Consumption6200w
Shipping Weight (English)335 lb.
Shipping Weight (Metric)152kg
Temperature Range (Metric)100° to 1200°C
TypeSingle Setpoint
Width (English) Interior10.5 in.
Width (English) Exterior28 in.
Width (Metric) Exterior71.1cm
Electrical Requirements208/240V 50/60Hz
Width (Metric) Interior26.7cm


ModelHeating ElementCapacityElectrical
BF51442CRefractory Plate0.32 cu. ft., 9L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51542CMoldatherm (4 Sides)0.81 cu. ft., 23L208/240V 50/60Hz



Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Heavy-Duty 1200°C Box Furnace Product Brochure Product Brochure

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