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Excellent heat transfer and fast heating up minimize operation time.

Product Selection

51014551VT 6025Jacket-Heating without Inert Gas Connection0.88 cu. ft., 25L120V 60Hz
51014540VT 6060 MJacket-Heating1.87 cu. ft., 53L120V 60Hz
51023263VT 6060 PShelf-Heating1.87 cu. ft., 53L120V 60Hz
51023262VT 6130 MJacket-Heating4.52 cu. ft., 128L208/240V 60Hz
51023264VT 6130 PShelf-Heating4.52 cu. ft., 128L208/240V 60Hz


  • Dry up to six times faster than when using conventional units.
  • Thermo Scientific Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens provide outstanding capabilities for fast and gentle drying.
  • Excellent heat transfer and fast heating up minimize operation time.
  • A double-paned safety-glass front window provides unique implosion protection.
  • Modular system allows application-specific configurations through a wide range of equipment options.
  • Temperature and pressure documentation is available to meet ISO 9000 and GLP/GMP requirements.

User-friendly Kelvitron microprocessor (jacket-heated ovens) or Digicon multi-channel controller (shelf-heated ovens)

  • Analog pressure display.
  • Overtemperature sensor protects oven and sample.
  • Double-pane safety glass doors.
  • Stainless-steel vacuum fittings, tubing and ball valve.
  • Inert gas connection with precision valve and overpressure safety valve precisely releases non-flammable, non-toxic gasses.
  • Standard DN25 access port in rear wall.

Jacket-heated Models

  • Operate at temperatures up to 200°C.

Shelf-heated Models

  • Operate at temperatures up to 300°C, on option even up to 400°C.
  • Ensure an optimum heat transfer.

Recommended for

  • Drying of heat-sensitive materials.
  • Residue-free drying of intricately designed parts.
  • Targeted recovery of degassed products.

Additional information

  • For applications with flammable solvents, contact our Customer Service Representative for our BL version with additional safety features.


  • 2 years parts and labor.


Thermo Scientific Vacutherm Vacuum Heating & Drying Ovens Product Brochure