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Features overtemperature protection for peace of mind.

Product Selection

3625ALED0.65 cu. ft., 18.4L120V 50/60Hz
3625A-1LED0.65 cu. ft., 18.4L240V 50/60Hz
3628ALED1.5 cu. ft., 42.4L120V 50/60Hz
3628A-1LED1.5 cu. ft., 42.4L240V 50/60Hz


  • Ideal for higher temperature drying under vacuum, this Thermo Scientific Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens line provides temperatures up to 280°C, with peace of mind due to built-in safety controller and overtemperature protection.

Features include

  • Two convenient sizes: Small and large model, 18L (0.65 cu.ft.) and 42.4L (1.5 cu.ft.).
  • Temperature range: Ambient +10°C / 50°C to 280°C.
  • Radiant warm wall heaters mounted on the outside conserve chamber working space and help eliminate potential hazards of open wire heaters.
  • Compression fittings on the side of the unit accept 6.4mm (0.25 in.) outer diameter hard tubing for pump and air connections.
  • Vacuum and air lines of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tubing optimize chamber cleanliness and long-term performance.
  • Durable exterior is powder-coated heavy-gauge steel.
  • Glass window in the door allows for sample viewing.
  • Two adjustable chrome-plated shelves help improve heat conduction or transfer to samples; easily removable for cleaning.

Small models 3625A and 3625A-1

  • Dual-electronic control system with dial thermometer (no display).
  • For operational convenience, all controls and indicators are located on the front panel: power switch and three indicators, purge gas and vacuum control valves, a 0-to-30-inch vacuum gauge and a temperature control.

Large models 3628A and 3628A-1

  • Single set point controller.
  • Seven-day programmable timer that cycles oven on or off up to eight times per day with automatic temperature/ vacuum control in real time steps.
  • Dual displays provide constant day/ time and temperature/pressure updates every 5 seconds.

Recommended for

  • Desiccation.
  • Vacuum embedding.
  • Plating.
  • Process control.
  • Inert atmosphere.


Thermo Scientific Lab-Line Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens Product Brochure