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Designed for a variety of applications requiring close temperature control, full access to chromatography instrumentation, and easy set-up of instrumentation and apparatus within the chamber.

Product Selection

ModelReplacementCapacityPlug TypeElectrical
REC2304ATSX2305CA23.3 cu. ft., 659LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
REC2304DTSX2305CD23.3 cu. ft., 659LNEMA 6-15P208V 60Hz
REC3004ATSX3005CA29.2 cu. ft., 826LNEMA 5-15P115V 60Hz
REC3004DTSX3005CD29.2 cu. ft., 826LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
REC4504ATSX4505CA45.8 cu. ft., 1297LNEMA 5-20P115V 60Hz
REC4504DTSX4505CD45.8 cu. ft., 1297LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
REC5004ATSX5005CA51.1 cu. ft., 1447LNEMA 5-20P115V 60Hz
REC5004DTSX5005CD51.1 cu. ft., 1447LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz
REC7504A78.8 cu. ft., 2231LNEMA 5-20P115V 60Hz
REC7504D 78.8 cu. ft., 2231LNEMA 6-15P208/230V 60Hz


  • Fulfill a variety of applications requiring precise temperature control with Thermo Scientific Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerators.
  • These refrigerators feature a microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction and extra-strength refrigeration compressors selected for industrial, clinical and scientific use.
  • Two 2" dia. (5.1cm) access ports with hinged covers allow full access to chromatography instrumentation and easy setup of instrumentation and apparatus within the chamber.

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperatures between 1° and 8°C, factory-preset setpoint at 4°C.
  • Positive forced-air circulation maintains temperature uniformity at all shelf levels.
  • Peripheral closed-cell door gaskets maintain temperature integrity.
  • Automatic condensate removal and defrost.

Microprocessor Control

  • Digital electronic technology designed to simplify operation and deliver greater accuracy.
  • Instrumentation and controls mounted at cabinet bottom on 45.8 cu. ft. models, top on other models.
  • Icon-based controls.
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display that shows temperature within 0.1°C.
  • Graphic thermometer is steady green when temperature is normal, flashes top bar for overtemperature, flashes bulb for undertemperature.
  • Sensor automatically initiates defrost cycle on demand, eliminating need for a defrost timer, minimizing frost buildup, and optimizing coil efficiency.
  • Key-operated ON/OFF/ALARM ON master switch for setpoint security.
  • Controller battery backup system.

Alarm System

  • Audible/visual warnings for temperature deviations or power failure.
  • Push-button alarm test and remote alarm contacts.
  • Alarm silence, ringback, and auto reset.
  • Alarm setpoints are preset to warn of temperature deviation at 5.5°C overtemperature, 1.5°C undertemperature.


  • Interior and exterior cold-rolled steel surfaces finished with high-impact, powder-paint coating.
  • Multipane sliding glass doors on 45.8 cu. ft. models, keylocked swinging doors with spring-loaded closures on others stay open at 90°.
  • Two 2" dia. (5.1cm) access ports with hinged covers.
  • CFC-free refrigerant.
  • 45.8 cu. ft. units have independent, switch-activated interior light; others have externally operated interior lights.
  • Duplex vaporproof outlet (live).
  • Adjustable epoxy-coated, open-wire shelves.
  • Dual-wheel casters.

Ordering Information

  • Optional‚ temperature chart recorders, power monitors and other options are available separately.


  • Separate power cord for interior outlets on 45.8 and 78.8 cu. ft. models.


  • Valid in the USA only.


Thermo Scientific Revco High-Performance Chromatography Refrigerators Product Brochure