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Built for drying applications requiring high temperatures, ultra-precise temperature stability and reproducibility with a very broad temperature range of ambient +15° to 325°C.

Product Selection

6050 | 6050TS1605MechanicalStandard1.4 cu. ft., 39.6L120V 50/60Hz
6051605MechanicalStandard1.4 cu. ft., 39.6L208/230V 50/60Hz
6052605PMechanicalWith Extra Baffle1.4 cu. ft., 39.6L120V 50/60Hz
6053605PMechanicalWith Extra Baffle1.4 cu. ft., 39.6L208/230V 50/60Hz
6054625MechanicalWith Rear Blowout Panel4.0 cu. ft., 113.3L208/230V 50/60Hz
6055625SMechanicalWith Rear Blowout Panel4.0 cu. ft., 113.3L208/230V 50/60Hz
6056645MechanicalStandard9.5 cu. ft., 269L208/230V 50/60Hz


  • Conduct drying applications requiring high temperatures, ultra-precise temperature control and a very broad temperature range of ambient +15° to 325°C stability with Thermo Scientific Precision High-Performance Ovens.
  • These ovens feature high-quality construction and high-efficiency insulation, providing temperature uniformity as precise as ±0.5°C with excellent stability and air exchange within the chamber.

Advanced Microprocessor PID Controls

  • Bright LED display of actual and setpoint temperatures.
  • Built-in 12-hour mechanical timer along with user-adjustable safety thermostat allows for power cut-out in case of overtemperature.
  • Highly responsive RTD sensor provides temperature sensitivity of ±0.1°C or better.
  • High efficiency insulation ensures uniformity ±0.5° at 100°C.

Energy- and Safety-Efficient Construction

  • Turbo blowers for efficient drying are side-mounted within stainless-steel chamber.
  • All stainless-steel interior.
  • Stainless-steel exterior door with fiberglass gasket for secure, tight seal.
  • Cold-rolled, chemical-resistant steel cabinet with powder-coated finish.
  • High-limit safety with built-in circuit breaker protects oven from power surges.
  • Fiberglass door gasket prevents heat loss.
  • Low-density heating elements ensure long life.
  • Nontip shelves spaced 4cm (1.6in.) apart quickly, easily remove for thorough cleaning.

Model 605P

  • Extra baffle provides low air flow for precise drying and testing of materials with minimal disruption of volatile components.

Model 625S

  • Rear blowout panel with retaining cage and positive action front-door catches for volatile material testing.


  • Two nickel-plated nontip shelves.

Recommended for

  • Drug metabolism studies.
  • Dry content analysis.
  • Moisture determinations.
  • Tobacco industry.


  • Requires hardwired installation by a qualified technician.


Thermo Scientific Precision High-Performance Ovens Product Brochure