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Low temperature incubators designed specifically for your research.

Product Selection

3915FL6.5 cu. ft., 185LLED100/120V 50/60Hz
3915LT6.5 cu. ft., 185LNot Included100/120V 50/60Hz
3990FL19.5 cu. ft., 552LLED100/120V 50/60Hz
3990LT19.5 cu. ft., 552LNot Included100/120V 50/60Hz


  • Provide an energy-efficient solution for your research with Thermo Scientific Drosophila and Low Temperature Incubators, which are microprocessor-controlled with precise temperature specifications.
  • Designed specifically for drosophila and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) applications, our low temperature incubators offer excellent temperature uniformity and energy efficient thermoelectric cooling that eliminates refrigerated compressors.
  • Operates within the temperature range preferred by fruit flies with programmable temperature and light cycles.
  • Peltier-cooled incubators operate within a temperature range preferable to the fruit fly.
  • Peltier-cooled incubators meet APHA specifications for Biochemical Oxygen Demand.
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology eliminate the need for a refrigerated compressor.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity allows for more effective space utilization by insuring all areas are maintained at proper temperatures.
  • Painted stainless steel interiors are easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  • Programmable controller allows for 40–step ramp and soak profiles or four files with 10–steps per file.
  • All models include an RS 485 output as well as an independent over-temperature thermostat and alarm.
  • Heavy duty shelves have 75 lb. capacity.


Thermo Scientific Peltier Cooled Incubators Product Brochure