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Advancement in incubation – products built for the precision and reliability you need.

Product Selection

ModelSeriesCapacityWith Electrical OutletElectrical
51031562IMP1806.3 cu.ft., 178LNo100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.9-4.5A, 450W
51031563IMP1806.3 cu.ft., 178LYes100-230V, 50/60Hz
51031565IMP40013.5 cu. ft., 381LNo100-240V, 50/60Hz, 3.8-9.0A, 900W
51031566IMP40013.5 cu. ft., 381LYes100-230V, 50/60Hz


  • Achieve untapped potential in incubation with the temperature precision you need for applications that demand it.
  • With a temperature range of +5 to +70°C, Thermo Scientific Heratherm Refrigerated Incubators are equipped with Peltier technology to reach and maintain the precise ambient temperatures you need for reliable results.
  • With no hazardous refrigerants, these units use less energy than the conventional product, making it the ideal choice for energy-conscious labs.

Temperature range +5 to +70°C

  • Choose benchtop model 178L / 6.3 cu.ft. or floor model with casters 381L / 13.5 cu. ft.
  • Great temperature uniformity and stability to keep the samples in a safe environment - uniformity as low as +/-0.3°C (20°C), stability as low as +/-0.1°C.
  • Energy consumption as low as 80Wh/h (benchtop) / 150Wh/h (floor) at 20°C - Note that comparable compressor cooled units consume up to 6 times this amount*.
  • CFC free / HFC free polyurethane insulation foam for outstanding temperature performance and condensation prevention.
  • Heated door with intelligent energy control to ensure no condensation – even at low temperatures.
  • Sophisticated timer function with weekly, daily or real time mode.
  • Intuitive programmability function for defined temperature ramping, soak/cool and dwell: store up to 10 programs with 10 easy steps.
  • Adjustable over temperature shut-off for protocols that require setting of over temperature for protection – (class 2 according to norm DIN12880).
  • Safe viewing of samples through internal glass door with limited impact on temperature.
  • Safe containment with automatic over and under temperature alarm.
  • Standard access port for data monitoring (large diameter of 42mm / 1.65 in.).
  • Flexible shelf system for optimal loading, easy to remove for cleaning, with non-tip protection.
  • Stainless steel interior (1.4301 / ASTM 304) and rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • *Based on comparison with models BK6160/Precision815.
  • Note: stated values are based on norm DIN12880 testing.


Thermo Scientific Heratherm Refrigerated Incubators Product Brochure