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Unique 140°C decontamination routine, providing outstanding safety for samples.

Product Selection

ModelSeriesCapacityElectricalExterior Finish
51028069IMH60-S2.3 cu. ft., 66L120V 60HzCoated Steel
51028136IMH60-S2.3 cu. ft., 66L230V 50/60HzCoated Steel
51028264IMH60-S SS2.3 cu. ft., 66L120V 60HzStainless Steel
51028541IMH60-S SS2.3 cu. ft., 66L230V 50/60HzStainless Steel
51028070IMH100-S3.67 cu. ft., 104L120V 60HzCoated Steel
51028137IMH100-S3.67 cu. ft., 104L230V 50/60HzCoated Steel
51028535IMH100-S SS3.67 cu. ft., 104L120V 60HzStainless Steel
51028542IMH100-S SS3.67 cu. ft., 104L230V 50/60HzStainless Steel
51028111IMH180-S6.3 cu. ft., 178L120V 60HzCoated Steel
51028138IMH180-S6.3 cu. ft., 178L230V 50/60HzCoated Steel
51028327IMH180-S SS6.3 cu. ft., 178L120V 60HzStainless Steel
51028543IMH180-S SS6.3 cu. ft., 178L230V 50/60HzStainless Steel
51029323IMH400-S13.45 cu. ft., 381L120V 60HzCoated Steel
51029325IMH400-S13.45 cu. ft., 381L230V 50/60HzCoated Steel
51029324IMH400-S SS13.45 cu. ft., 381L120V 60HzStainless Steel
51029326IMH400-S SS13.45 cu. ft., 381L230V 50/60HzStainless Steel
51029335IMH750-S24.79 cu. ft., 702L120V 60HzCoated Steel
51029337IMH750-S24.79 cu. ft., 702L230V 50/60HzCoated Steel
51029336IMH750-S SS24.79 cu. ft., 702L120V 60HzStainless Steel
51029338IMH750-S SS24.79 cu. ft., 702L230V 50/60HzStainless Steel


  • Ensure outstanding sample safety with Thermo Scientific Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubators, which include a unique 140°C decontamination routine, lockable incubator door with alarm for restricted access, and automatic over- and under-temperature alarms.
  • Models are available with a stainless-steel exterior, offering an easy to clean, robust and corrosion-resistant surface that meets the demanding needs of pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories.


  • Dual convection for application versatility (except for large capacity units)—fan speed adjustable from 0 to 100%.
  • Advanced digital timer for daily or weekly ON / OFF cycles.
  • Easy to clean, stainless-steel interior (AISI 304).
  • Intuitive user interface for setting temperature.
  • Large, easy to read vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Optional sample sensor provides exact temperature of sample on display.
  • Lockable door with alarm for restricted access (except for large-capacity units).
  • Exceptionally small footprint.

Temperature Stability

  • Broad temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 105°C—suitable for drying application.
  • Automatic over- and under-temperature alarm.
  • Internal glass door allows sample viewing without impacting temperature.

140°C decontamination cycle

  • At 140°C contaminating microorganisms are reduced to a minimum —comparable to sterilization —within a six hour heating cycle.
  • No need for separate autoclaving of internal fittings.
  • Certified by an accredited microbiological institute.

Ordering Information

  • Availability may vary by country.


  • 2 years.


Thermo Scientific Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Incubators Product Brochure