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Our advanced technologies deliver the optimized, protected growth environment required to support a range of cell culture needs.

Product Selection

ModelSeriesCO2 Sensor TechnologyChamber MaterialElectrical
51032124VIOS 160iIR180Si SensorStainless Steel120V 50/60Hz
51032125VIOS 160iIR180Si SensorStainless Steel230V 50/60Hz
51032128VIOS 160iIR180Si SensorCopper120V 50/60Hz


  • The Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 160i CO2 Incubator with the Thermo Scientific Cell Locker System is an innovative solution of removable, protected chambers designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures.
  • Six individual, autoclavable polycarbonate chambers divide the incubator chamber, isolating individual cell types or projects.
  • Each Cell Locker chamber has dual 0.2µm membrane filters that permit air circulation but exclude microbial contaminants.
  • When a Cell Locker chamber is opened, the others remain stable, preserving the in vitro environment.

CO2 Incubator with Cell Locker System:

  • 165L interior chamber with the new 6 segmented, gas ight inner door configuration and 3 shelves designed to accommodate 6 individual Cell Locker chambers.
  • Choice of electropolished stainless steel or 100% pure copper chamber interior.
  • Temperature resistant, bulb-free IR CO2 sensor (IR180Si).
  • THRIVE airflow technology provides enhanced stability,tight uniformity, and fast recovery.
  • ISO Class 5 HEPA filtration provides clean room air quality in the chamber.
  • Thermo Scientific iCAN touchscreen interface provides bright at-glance monitoring and complete data visibility to monitor all incubator interactions and parameters.
  • Thermo Scientific Steri-Run on-demand, overnight 180°C sterilization cycle achieves 12 log Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) total sterilization of chamber (excluding Cell Locker chambers).

Stability of Conditions:

  • Cultures spend more time in conditions that best mimic the in vivo state.
  • When one Cell Locker chamber is opened, the other Cell Locker chambers maintain stable conditions, preserving the in vitro environment.
  • Conditions remain stable within these spatial deviations - temperature +/-0.3°C , humidity +/-3%, and CO2 +/-0.2%.
  • For consistent results, the uniformity in each Cell Locker chamber is +/-0.3°C.
  • Compared to the standard single glass door design, the temperature drop in the opened Cell Locker chamber is reduced by 50%.
  • With the Cell Locker system, gas consumption from a door opening is reduced by 50%, saving time and money.

Sample Protection:

  • Individual chambers maximize security against costly cross contamination.
  • Each individual Cell Locker chamber is effectively a quarantine chamber.
  • Dual 0.2µm membrane filters permits air circulation but exclude microbial contaminants.
  • The replacable 0.2µm membrane filter has an effective pore size of 0.02µm when filtering air and is hydrophobic, oleophobic, resistant to organic solvents and tested for biosafety and low cytotoxicity.
  • Independent 3rd party tests validate protection against circulating microorganisms (when used as directed).

Flexibility of Use:

  • The Cell Locker System can be configured to fit unique needs of your lab.
  • Different cell types, samples, users or projects can be segregated within shared incubator space.
  • Each Cell Locker chamber holds 9 each T-75 cell culture flasks, 20 each 6-well plates, or 24 each 96-well plates.
  • Dishes and flasks can be removed individually on a work tray or inside the entire Cell Locker chamber with optional transport cover, thus protecting samples from outside air.
  • The non skid tray slides out to allow access to culture vessels, or the entire tray can be removed.
  • The Cell Locker chamber can be manually disinfected or can be autoclaved.


Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 160i Cell Locker CO2 Incubators Product Brochure