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Perform ultra-high temperature applications with this industrial benchtop muffle furnace, which reaches a maximum temperature of 1200°C.

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ModelPower ConsumptionControlCapacityElectrical
FD1535M2230wB10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L120V 50/60Hz
FD1530M2230wB10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L240V 50/60Hz
FD1530M-331560wB10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L240V 50/60Hz
FD1545M2230wC10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L120V 50/60Hz
FD1540M2230wC10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L240V 50/60Hz
FD1540M-331560wC10.08 cu. ft., 2.2L240V 50/60Hz


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