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Ideal for coal and coke ashing procedures.

Product Selection

F6028C-60B10.5 cu. ft., 14L208V
F6020C-33-60B10.5 cu. ft., 14L240V
F6028C-60-80C10.5 cu. ft., 14L208V
F6020C-33-60-80C10.5 cu. ft., 14L240V
F6030CM-33-60D10.5 cu. ft., 14L240V
F30428C-60-80C11.6 cu. ft., 45L208V
F30420-33-60-80C11.6 cu. ft., 45L240V
F30420C-60-80C11.6 cu. ft., 45L240V
F30438CM-60D11.6 cu. ft., 45L208V
F30430CM-33-60D11.6 cu. ft., 45L240V
F30430CM-60D11.6 cu. ft., 45L240V



  • Adjustable gas flowmeter/valve (0-80L/min.) on front for easy access when adjusting the airflow rate.
  • Stainless-steel manifold at rear chamber prewarms incoming gases, provides a maximum temperature gradient of only ±3°C at 750°C.
  • Chamber rear has a 0.95cm (0.38in.) port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices.
  • With 0.64cm (0.25in.) I.D. or 0.96cm (0.375in.) O.D. hose barb (in chamber rear) for inert gas line.

Type F6000

  • With two dual-purpose stainless-steel trays and handle to accommodate 24 (30mL) porcelain crucibles or 38 (10mL) quartz crucibles.

Type F6000-60

  • Meets ASTM D3174 specifications: 3 to 4 air exchanges per min.
  • Heating rate of 8°C/min. to 500°C, 6°C/min. from 500° to 750°C.
  • Holds at 750°C for two hours, then turns off.

Choice of Temperature Controllers

  • A1: Digital single setpoint control; single display shows actual temperature or setpoint.
  • B1: Digital single setpoint control with single ramp to setpoint and a dwell; single display shows actual temperature or setpoint.
  • C1: Digital programmable control with one stored program of eight segments.
  • D1: Digital programmable control with four stored programs, 16 segments per program and Controller includes RS-232 communications.


  • Electrical connection requires fixed wiring (power cord not provided).

Compatible with

  • Stainless-steel shelf (SH408X1).
  • Stainless-steel flexible exhaust tubing kit with mounting hardware (AY408X1A).


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