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Integral control to 1500°C.

Product Selection

BF51333CNot Provided0.21 cu. ft., 6L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51433C-1Multi Seg | 1 Prog0.21 cu. ft., 6L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51433BC-1Multi Seg | 1 Prog | OTC0.21 cu. ft., 6L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51433PC-1300 Seg | 30 Prog0.21 cu. ft., 6L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51433PBC-1300 Seg | 30 Prog | OTC0.21 cu. ft., 6L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51643C-1300 Seg | 30 Prog0.88 cu. ft., 25L208/240V 50/60Hz
BF51643BC-1300 Seg | 30 Prog | OTC0.88 cu. ft., 25L208/240V 50/60Hz



  • Built-in adjustable high limit overtemperature protection.
  • Simultaneous LED display of actual and setpoint temperatures in either °C or °F.
  • Silicon carbide heating elements for long-life, safety and reliable service with maximum energy savings.
  • Safety door switch interrupts power to heating elements when door is opened; protects elements and minimizes exposure to operator.
  • Moldatherm hearthplate supports load and protects interior from spillage and mishandling.
  • Type “R” thermocouple is integrated into chamber backwall.

With Integral Controller

  • Microprocessor-based PID control.
  • Single program with multiple segments for ramp (up and down) and dwell (timed hold) temperature control.

With Independent Controller (CC58125C, available separately)

  • Microprocessor-based PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control.
  • Single segment, single setpoint, one ramp to setpoint.


  • BF51333C requires CC58125C controller.


Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Multipurpose 1500°C Box Furnace Product Brochure Product Brochure