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The newest innovation in cold storage sample preparation and rapid plasma freezing is here.

Product Selection

ModelCapacityPlug TypeTemperature RangeElectrical
XBF40D28.8 cu. ft., 815LNEMA 6-20-40°C208-230V 60Hz


  • Rapidly freeze non-medical samples with the new Thermo Scientific XBF40D -40°C Blast Freezer —a breakthrough sample preparation device for use prior to cold storage.
  • Your freezer is not a sample preparation device. Ultra-low and laboratory-grade freezers are designed to maintain samples at cold temperatures for long-term storage; they are not designed for and do not have the speed or refrigeration capacity to rapidly freeze plasma and other critical storage.
  • Using the new XBF40 for rapid cooling reduces the stress on your sample storage freezer, and freezes your samples quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Design: The XBF40D accommodates staggered loads and a variety of vessels such as carboys, bottles, racks with vials and more.
  • Accelerated air flow: A large, forced-air circulation freezes the product—fast!
  • Self-contained refrigeration system: Unlike previous generation blast freezers, the XBF is a plug and play requiring no customized installation and no remote compressors.
  • Trusted: All XBF40D freezers are manufactured with pride with high-quality materials and high-performance technology.


  • Durable, cold-rolled steel exterior.
  • Outer door, multi-point gaskets, maximizing temperature and security.
  • Polystyrene insulated inner doors featuring rare-earth magnets.
  • High-performance, forced-air circulation.
  • Versatile cabinet interior with adjustable stainless steel shelves.
  • Standard access port.
  • Easy to use digital controller.
  • Easy to remove, washable filter.
  • Single Stage R404A air-cooled 2.5HP compressor.
  • Vacuum insulation panels and high density water-blown polyurethane foam.

Ordering Information:

  • Available in 60Hz regions only.
  • For general, non-plasma freezing.


Thermo Scientific XBF40D -40°C Blast Freezers Product Brochure