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Product Selection

Model Replacement Capacity Plug Type Temperature Range Electrical
ULT430A 4.9 cu. ft., 139L NEMA 5-15 -30°C 115V 60Hz
ULT430D 4.9 cu. ft., 139L NEMA 6-15 -30°C 208-230V 60Hz
ULT1230A TSX1230FA 11.5 cu. ft., 326L NEMA 5-15 -30°C 115V 60Hz
ULT2330A TSX2330FA 23.3 cu. ft., 659L NEMA 5-20 -30°C 115V 60Hz
ULT2330D TSX2330FD 23.3 cu. ft., 659L NEMA 6-15 -30°C 208-230V 60Hz
UGL2320A TSX2320FA 23.3 cu. ft., 659L NEMA 5-20 -20°C 115V 60Hz
UGL2320D TSX2320FD 23.3 cu. ft., 659L NEMA 6-15 -20°C 208-230V 60Hz
ULT3030A TSX3030FA 29.2 cu. ft., 826L NEMA 5-20 -30°C 115V 60Hz
ULT3030D TSX3030FD 29.2 cu. ft., 826L NEMA 6-15 -30°C 208-230V 60Hz
UGL3020A TSX3020FA 29.2 cu. ft., 826L NEMA 5-20 -20°C 115V 60Hz
UGL3020D TSX3020FD 29.2 cu. ft., 826L NEMA 6-15 -20°C 208-230V 60Hz
ULT5030A TSX5030FA 51.1 cu. ft., 1447L NEMA 5-20 -30°C 115V 60Hz
ULT5030D TSX5030FD 51.1 cu. ft., 1447L NEMA 6-15 -30°C 208-230V 60Hz


  • Simplify operation and increase accuracy with the microprocessor control of Thermo Scientific Revco High-Performance Lab Freezers.
  • Our Revco -30°C and -20°C high-performance freezers are designed for medical and scientific applications such as storage of reagents, pharmaceuticals, biologicals or other commonly used laboratory materials.
    Models offer cabinet sizes to fit a variety of space needs and storage volume requirements.

Key Features:

  • Temperature factory-preset at -20° or -30°C.
  • Capacities from 4.9 to 51.1 cu. ft. (139 to 1447L).
  • Icon-based controls and displays.
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display shows temperature within 1°C.
  • Graphic thermometer is steady green when temperature is normal, flashes top bar for overtemperature, flashes bulb for undertemperature.

Microprocessor Control:

  • Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature, or power failure.
  • Key-operated OFF/ON/ALARM ON master switch for setpoint security.
  • Push-button alarm test.
  • Remote alarm contacts.
  • Alarm silence, ringback, and auto reset.
  • Controller battery backup system.


  • Scratch-resistant cold-rolled steel interior and exterior finishes.
  • High-density, 2" thick (5.1cm) CFC-free urethane foam insulation protects against ambient temperature fluctuations.
  • CFC-free, HFC-blend refrigerant.
  • Single-door models are hinged on right.
  • Full-length door handle and key lock.
  • Doors self-close and lock open at 90°.
  • Adjustable epoxy-coated wire shelves.
  • 1" (2.5cm) dia. access port with plug on undercounter model.

-30°C Freezers Features:

  • Automatic defrost and condensate removal.
  • Sensor automatically initiates defrost cycle on demand, eliminating need for a defrost timer, minimizing frost buildup, and optimizing coil efficiency.
  • Forced-air circulation improves temperature uniformity, provides faster recovery after door is opened.

-20°C Freezers Features:

  • Suitable for applications in which slight intermittent coil warming during an automatic defrost cycle is not desired (such as enzyme storage).
  • Gravity convection air system for maximum stability without a blower or fan.
  • Manual defrost.

Ordering Information:

  • Alarm systems, temperature chart recorders, and power monitors are available separately.


  • Published interior volumes are nominal; usable capacities may be offset by shelves, drawers, blower coils or cabinet protrusions.
  • For specific cabinet dimensions and allowances, or for verification of clearance tolerances, Contact our Customer Service Department for details.


  • Valid in the USA only.


Thermo Scientific Revco High-Performance Lab Freezers Product Brochure