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Reliable cold storage for general-purpose applications.

Product Selection

ModelCapacityMonitoringPlug TypeTemperature RangeElectrical
MF25SS-SAEE-TS24 cu. ft., 680LAlarm OnlyNEMA 5-15-12° to -30°C115V 60Hz
MF25SS-SARE-TS24 cu. ft., 680LAlarm, RecorderNEMA 5-15-12° to -30°C115V 60Hz
MF34SS-SAEE-TS34 cu. ft., 960LAlarm OnlyNEMA 5-15-12° to -30°C115V 60Hz
MF34SS-SARE-TS34 cu. ft., 960LAlarm, RecorderNEMA 5-15-12° to -30°C115V 60Hz
MF49SS-SAEE-TS48 cu. ft., 1360LAlarm OnlyL14-20-12° to -30°C230V 60Hz
MF49SS-SARE-TS48 cu. ft., 1360LAlarm, RecorderL14-20-12° to -30°C230V 60Hz



  • Digital temperature controller with intuitive interface.
  • Excellent temperature stability of ±3°C.
  • High-density, fluorine-free insulation.
  • Automatic defrost.


  • Keyed on/off switch.
  • Optional chart recorder.
  • High/Low temperature, visual/audio alarms.
  • Easily accessible contacts for backup monitoring.
  • Door ajar alarm (except sliding glass doors).
  • Control panel with key lock.


  • Painted, high-quality steel exterior.
  • Casters for easy mobility with leveling for better stability.
  • Quiet refrigeration system.
  • 1" rear access port.
  • UL listed.

Ordering Information:


  • Add 1.75" to external depth to allow for handle.


  • Valid in the USA only.


Thermo Scientific General Purpose Series Lab Freezers Product Brochure